From an incurable chronic illness and medical prognosis “He should be death six times by now” to an entrepreneur, global inspirational speaker and coach.

Nathanael Zurbuegg is the founder and CEO of the for-profit Business “Unlimit You“ and non-profit Organisation “Live Life to the Fullest“. He is already a multiple award winning global inspirational speaker who is passionate about inspiring, empowering and to bring transformation to people in their walks of life!

Nathanael is chronically ill for 30 years, has been through 3 failed kidney transplants, had over 4300 Dialysis treatments so far (in order to survive), had 3 lung infections and by medical predictions he shouldn’t be alive for 6 times by now!

When he steps on the platform you will quickly notice that the audience experiences transformation and lasting change through his inspirational and powerful words

As a coach he is upfront, challenges the status quo but also remains patient to help people to overcome their current situations. Nathanael is very passionate about his Personal growth, extending his communication and leadership skills. Several world-class mentors and coaches are mentoring and coaching him.

Besides his speaking engagements and coachings, he is a certified DISC behavioural analysis consultant. He has the desire to help people on a psychological related level to help them communicate best with their teammates, colleagues, peers and leaders.


Nathanael places value on his listeners and clients by helping them to:

  • Overcome their most difficult circumstances
  • Look beyond their limitations
  • Turn limitations, inabilities and disabilities into wins
  • Find their passion and dreams
  • Discover their true potential
  • Set realistic yet outstanding goals
  • Establish practical steps for achieving their dreams and potential
  • Set a winning perspective and mindset in difficult situations
  • Gain hope during a crisis
  • DISC personality behaviour analysis with workshops and coachings
  • Mediator & Mentor for Patients and Medical staffs


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