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Gratefulness First After my second kidney transplant failed in 1998 I was devastated in many ways! Especially at the realisation that I’d have to go back to having Dialysis treatments three times a week again. One day a driver picked… Continue Reading →

Heavenwards     When I was a child and teenager, I had a very strong desire to be in heaven as soon as possible. My constant focus and strong desires to be in heaven were developed because of the pain,… Continue Reading →

The Never-ending Battle     It`s been a while since I’ve written a blog, because of a speaking trip to India in September and October. . This is probably the first time that it hasn’t felt hard to write something… Continue Reading →

The never-ending arrival     I`ve already spent over 10500 days in this world so far. That`s a lot of days, and I hope there will be many more for my life but also for your life. You personally might… Continue Reading →

Refreshed     Have you ever longed to be refreshed in your life? Do you know what it’s like to feel the burdens or pressures of everyday life? Whatever this might be for you, maybe school, work, home, family, relationships,… Continue Reading →

Living life on the edge     2012 was probably the most difficult season of my life, when it comes to living life on the edge. Or in another words, getting out of my comfort zone or overcoming fear! It… Continue Reading →

Change the Game     In 1993 when I was 4 years old, I had a stroke that put me in coma. For two weeks I was in a very critical condition and the doctors didn`t have any hope that… Continue Reading →

The Legacy     My most “recent” near-death experience was my fifth one, and it happened when I was 14 years old. As I was a teenager, and older than during my previous experiences, I was much more aware of… Continue Reading →

Prayer   During my years of being chronically ill and growing up in a family that taught me a lot about a healthy Biblical lifestyle, I had the opportunity to learn early on about prayer. Prayer, a word that most… Continue Reading →

Overlooked Have you ever felt overlooked? Maybe someone didn`t notice your hard work faithfulness, ability, talent, strength, potential or gift? Or maybe people ignore you in the multitude from time to time? As a chronically ill person, there have been… Continue Reading →

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