Nathanael is chronically ill for 30 years, has already been through 3 failed kidney transplants, had over 4000 Dialysis treatments so far (in order to survive), had 3 lung infections and by medical predictions he shouldn’t`t be alive for 6 times by now!

Nathanael lives out what he shares from the platform and in one-to-one settings. Much of Nathanael’s message comes from lessons he has learned over the course of his own miraculous life.

Nathanael`s experience as a speaker and coach is diverse and broad. His message resonates with people across the globe and he has spoken to and coached audiences in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Suitable for all people and all group sizes, Nathanael has inspired and empowered listeners and clients in businesses, colleges, non-profit organisations, youth groups, churches and in an university hospital. Nathanael’s largest live audience to date was 3500 people at a Conference in Orlando, Florida. Nathanael has also spoken on Swiss national TV & radio.

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