“Nathanael is an amazing speaker, but even more so, his story is amazing and inspiring and he delivers it with humour as well as depth. Learning as a young child what limitations he would have, but having parents and family apparently not agreeing with the believes the medical community had, Nathanael grew up to be a young man with perseverance and strength to carry on. He even completed a 30 km run on his 30th birthday. If he and his family had not had the faith and trust in God, he would have not been able to come this far. Nathanael’s story is another proof that belief drives behaviour. With his belief, faith and trust Nathanael is been able to accomplish many things he wasn’t “supposed to” do! Being on my own cancer adventure, his story has shown me again that with persistence, faith, and a vision we can accomplish anything.”

Cornelia Steinberg – Business Consultant, Coach and Trainer – www.corneliasteinberg.com