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      Until I was eleven years old, my life was bound by long hospital stays, doctor’s appointments and frequent medical tests. I still have dialysis three times a week, for half a day at a time. Compared to… Continue Reading →

    I grew up in a small town in the beautiful Swiss Alps. The town isn`t very big, the current population is approximately 4000 people. What I most loved about living there wasn`t just the beautiful scenery but also… Continue Reading →

    Recently I came across this sentence: “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”1 This is something I unconsciously knew for a long time.But over the last couple of years I`d had the blessing to… Continue Reading →

    Have you ever asked yourself the question: What`s the best for me? It’s actually a brave question to ask.I also believe that it`s a very important question to ask as it determines what we create with what has… Continue Reading →

    A few weeks ago I attended the John Maxwell International Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. This conference is held twice a year, with over 3000 people from around 150 nations attending. Going to this conference is one of… Continue Reading →

    This is a continuation of last month’s blog ‘Ownership, part 1. Click the link to read part 1 if you need to catch up: Ownership Pt. 1   2. Leaders take ownership of everything You and I are leaders.Leaders… Continue Reading →

    Recently I`d had the privilege of being interviewed by a local newspaper. I was asked a question about something that is a hot topic in Switzerland at the moment. Should there be a limit to how much medical… Continue Reading →

    From the beginning of 2013 till the end of 2015 I had the opportunity to attend Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney. Those three years gave me amazing life experiences, changes and growth. They were also a time… Continue Reading →

    Soon 2018 will be over. What has the year been like for you? For me it was a year that I can look back on with gratitude and contentment for all that happened within, through, around and for… Continue Reading →

    When I was child, I thought that freedom meant “I can do whatever I want”. Around the time when I was a teenager, I realised that I was plain wrong! I benefit from freedom in so many areas… Continue Reading →

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