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Have you ever asked yourself the question: What`s the best for me? It’s actually a brave question to ask.I also believe that it`s a very important question to ask as it determines what we create with what has been given to us, and where our lives end up.The older I get the more often I ask myself that question. There are a couple of reasons why I do this.


Firstly, I`ve come to realise that often what I see as best for myself is actually not as good as I think it is.  I`ve learned that the pain, obstacles and difficult circumstances I`ve had to go through have served as training to get what is best. Even though the training seemed useless at the time, I later realised it had great benefit!

Secondly, I believe that many of the decisions we make, the ones that we think will lead us to the best, are actually not the best decisions we could make.We often make decisions based on what we see, feel and hear right now. But there is more to life than just the “right now”vibe!


I recently came across a Bible verse that has helped me realise once again that God`s outworking of His plan to give me the best I need is so often different to what is in my sight right now. Before I get to the verse, I would like to tell you the story it appears in.

The story is found in 2.Samuel 10.

David, the king of Israel, heard that the king of the Ammonites has died and his son Hanun is now king. David sent some of his men to show kindness to Hanun after his father’s death. Instead of accepting the kindness, Hanun humiliated David`s men by cutting off their beards, tearing holes in their garments and calling them spies.David told his men to stay in Jericho until their beards grew back.

The Ammonites realised how angry David was and became so fearful that they gathered a large army using men from other lands. They drafted in soldiers from Aramea, Beth, Rehob, Zobah, Maakah and Tob. Forming battle lines, they prepared to fight.

In response, David sent out his army under the command of his man Joab. Joab had to divide his army in two because the enemy was both behind and in front of them. Before they go out he instructs them.

Joab`s instruction to his leaders is the verse that helped me see the bigger picture.

He says: Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. Die Lord werden do what is good in his sight.”2 Samuel 10:12 (NIV– emphasis mine).


I believe that the best for you and me is mostly found in the battles, pain, and difficult situations of our lives! Even though David showed kindness to the new king but got rejected, and then had to fight a battle, he was stronger and more successful afterwards.


How can we make decisions that really lead us to the best God has for us? Through this story of David’s I have found two practical steps we can take:


1. Don`t allow bitterness to creep in.


After David heard about how his men had been treated, he could have easily become bitter. He could have said that he would never do something good for anyone ever again. He could also have easily withdrawn and let the enemy overpower him and his people. Instead, he stood up for the values and the people he believed in!

So often we are tempted to withdraw when something isn`t going the way we want it to the first round time round. If we do withdraw, bitterness often follows and it can soon rule our lives.

Getting back up again and again leads to the very best God has for you!


Is there an area of your life where bitterness is ruling and stopping you from getting what is best for you?


2. Live according to what is uncomfortable not comfortable


I believe that comfort is one of the greatest killers of the very best God has for us! Comfort brings satisfaction in the moment but not in the long term. It can give us rest, relaxation and reflection, which are all great. But if we remain in that place of comfort, there won`t be any challenge or growth. Challenge is necessary for us to be changed from the inside out. We need that kind of change to get the best God has for us.

Consistently making decisions that seem uncomfortable now, helps you to benefit in the long term.

David had to make an uncomfortable decision to fight the enemy and I`m sure he didn`t want to if he didn’t have to. However, his decision to do it meant that he and Israel became even stronger and bigger as a result. Today`s decision making is the foundation of the life you live tomorrow.


What decisions do you need to make or change in order to get the best God has for you?



I hope this blog has inspired and empowered you to see for yourself the best God has for you. Never give upfighting for the best God has for you! It`s not going to be easy but it’s worth it.

Get in touch with me here if you would like more help or information about this topic. I’d love to coach you further in this area.


Be blessed.








1. John C. Maxwell Book, Sometimes you win sometimes you learn, Published 2013


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