The Team

Nathanael Zurbruegg

I am the founder of Live Life to the Fullest and started it officially on 1st August 2016. I love to travel and to inspire people and I dream about that being my full time job. My role as founder involves speaking engagements; coaching people; helping people to find their potential; administration; and delegating work and innovative ideas to the team. The biggest privilege I have is to lead all the amazing people on the team – helping them to Live Life to the Fullest, investing into them and letting them be part of the vision that I dream to live out with LLTTF.
I deeply love my team and I`m beyond grateful to have such servant-hearted, kind, passionate, generous, skilled, creative, innovative and supportive people as part of the vision.

Most of what I do for LLTTF is my passion and purpose! But I also need some time off to relax. I do this by reading, doing sports, going outdoors in the beautiful Swiss nature, eating out or meeting with a friend for deep and meaningful conversation.

That`s pretty much everything about me! If you have any questions about the organisation, the team or me, do you want to be a part of this amazing journey building LLTTF,  if you‘d like to book me as a speaker, life coach and Leadership trainer or just simply meet me in person, please email me on

Sophie D.

I have been involved with Live Life to the Fullest since Nathanael wrote his first blog in 2016. As editor and proofreader, I help Nathanael bring his written content to life in his second language, English. I enjoy working with words, checking the little details, and making things as excellent as they can be, and doing this for Live Life to the Fullest is a privilege.
I love coming alongside people, hearing their stories, and helping them navigate life through the highs and lows. I am currently studying to be a counselor chaplain so I can help people in a professional capacity. This takes up most of my time at the moment but on days off I like to bake, read, get out in nature, have long chats with friends and eat good food. I love Jesus, and I am grateful to God for the journey He has me on.

James Morgan

Hi guys! James here, I help out by running the website. I’m the nerd. I love all things web. I can’t stop coding, even when on holiday which is when Vanessa (my wife) tells me to shut the laptop! Working in I.T. full time here in Sydney is a dream come true as we much prefer the weather here than the UK (where we’re from)! When I’m not coding, I’m usually gaming, either with the VR headset or with people on the couch… including my awesome wife! That’s right – she likes games! I’m so lucky! I’ve been married for almost 5 years to the most amazing girl and by God’s grace & many miracles, she’s now studying/working in what she loves, clinical psychology. Hopefully one day my dream is that God will combine our skills to make some kind of awesome online platform/app for mental health. I’m also working on a huge side project/business, which is a dream to change/improve healthcare in Australia …a big impossible dream, but with God, all things are possible! I’ve been helping out with LLTTF for over 2 years and I’m looking forward to what God has in store for this awesome ministry!

Karen Brink

Always up for a road trip (as long as a camera is packed) I`m an adventurous filmmaker, audio engineer and all around artist, passionate about people, the Church and cute cafes! I’ve worked for Live Life to the Fullest since June 2017 as a video editor and graphic designer, editing Nathanael’s weekly inspiring messages and producing them for various social media platforms as well as adding visual elements to his monthly blog posts.
I`m always eager for new opportunities to use my skills, bringing the inspiration of others to life, especially when it means combining things like videos, photos and music into something professional, meaningful and teeming with purpose. For more information on my videography, photography or musical services, email

Sabrina Wittwer

My name is Sabrina Wittwer and I live in Germany. In my day to day life I work as a preschool teacher and enjoy seeing the kids grow into their God-given potential.
I am very passionate about sharing God‘s Word (especially at Sisterhood and women‘s ministry), leading worship, developing leaders in and outside of church, and good coffee!
My dream is to have my own café one day, serving people a great cup of coffee or tea and sharing God‘s love through music, events, good coffee and food!
I am fairly new to the Live Life to the Fullest team. I joined in August 2018 and I help with getting the content of the website and Nathanael’s inspirational blogs (and soon the videos) translated into German.
I love the idea behind this ministry and am grateful to be part of something that is so empowering and so much bigger than me!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me on

So that’s the team! If you would like to be part of this with us, and use your passion and talents to help out, email me on

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