Finding Freedom, Health, and
 Fulfilment in Life

When you go from being chronically ill for 30 years, to becoming a survivor of your own body, you truly start to realise what life should really be about…

Hi, my name is Nathanael Zurbruegg, and I’ve survived my body’s own battle with a chronic disease six times already. But don’t let that put you off! Today, I am a global inspirational speaker and victorious mindset mentor who is ready to empower…

 I am currently the founder and CVO of “Unlimit You”, a successful and profitable organization. I’m also venturing into a soon-to-be-launched non-profit organization called “Live Life to the Fullest”, where I aim to better the lives of the many people around the world. This relates to inspirational speaking and victorious mindset mentoring within Christian-based communities and create opportunities to people in slums to get them access to suitable physical, mental, and spiritual healthcare. 

 After three failed kidney transplants, over 4,600+ dialysis treatments (so far), more than 40 operations, 85% hearing loss, and suicidal tendencies, I’ve genuinely come to understand first-hand what hopelessness feels like. In saying that, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to go through all of this without the help of faith, qualified healthcare, mentorships, and loving people who’ve supported me. That is why I’m so passionate about my ventures. 

My goal is to help individuals, leaders, and teammates live strong, healthy, victorious, and motivated in their lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

 What I Do

Are you…

P  Struggling to cope with a difficult circumstance? 

P  Finding yourself facing a brick wall with no way forward? 

P  Looking for an inspirational speaker?

P  Having difficulty setting realistic goals? 

P  Battling to build a positive perspective about life or work? 

P  In need of a mediator and mentor to help with patient and medical staff challenges? 

P  Looking for a victorious mindset mentor offering training and/or workshops? 

P  Looking for Certified DISC Behavioral Coach?

P  Struggling to find personal growth? 


The good news is that I am right here to help with all of this and so much more. My goal is to empower and inspire people from around the world to attain a victorious mindset. Regardless of the situation, I strive to project a non-judgmental and genuine environment wherever I go. 

 Why Hire My Services?


Dream and Achieve BIG

I am determined to help people set their own standards and become their own cheerleaders. With my help, you’ll learn how to set realistic yet significant goals and start the process of achieving them.

Award-Winning Communication

Without tooting my own horn, I have a rare gift of really breaking through to individuals to help them truly understand what they’re capable of and how they can cope in a busy, overwhelming society.

Challenging the Status Quo

Being visionary it’s certainly one of my virtues, I also possess out-of-the-box thinking capabilities, which helps others find realistic solutions to their unique situations.

Focusing on Personal Growth

Whether you’re an individual, business leader or just a member of society from next door, personal growth always forms part of your daily activities. It doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, it’s difficult to accept that you still have a lot to learn. Personal growth is a major passion of mine, and I fully intend to transfer this mindset onto others.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, it’s never too late to learn new skills and live the extraordinary life you wish. I truly believe that personal growth is a skill that can be practiced and contribute to a fulfilled and success-driven mindset.

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The Live Life To The Fullest Dream

Poverty and a lack of appropriate healthcare in the world is not a new issue. People from around the world have been struggling to access the right healthcare for as long as life itself. Suffering from mental, physical and spiritual health problems myself, I’ve come to really understand what it means to have medical attention at your disposal when you need it, which is why I have this dream… 

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