The Project

The Live Life to the Fullest Initiative 

Live Life to the Fullest is an initiative aimed at serving and helping people living in poverty get access to the best possible mentoring and healthcare.

All human life is important and deserves a chance to really live. But that isn’t always possible when there’s no mental, physical and spiritual medical care available. I want to give them the opportunity to – like me – not only survive this world, but truly live it! 

How It’s Planned?

Apart from offering discounted speaking and mentoring for certain organizations, the vision is to build new and improved hospitals in places where poverty leaves people without the necessary healthcare, that we are able to treat people physically, emotionally, and spiritually who otherwise can’t access treatments. By developing this initiative, we currently building a sustainable, creative, trendy and profitable fashion line that will contribute to raising funds.


👇🏼Check out the fashion line shop!👇🏼 

Also the mission is to gather people from around the world who would be willing to contribute via donations. Do you want to stand with me and give people from around the world a real chance at life? 

Make your contribution today! 

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