Through the Roof



Have you ever experienced such tension that you have felt like it’s too much?


I think we all have moments of tension in life. Perhaps physically like when you do an exercise harder than you did before, or when you do a new exercise. Or emotionally, when you have been hurt by somebody or something. Or spiritually, when you are tested through hardships or some kind of persecution.

A few months ago I was at Zurich airport coming home after a three-week trip away. I realised that there has been a lot of tension in my life since returning to Switzerland in April 2017. Ever since I’ve been here, I have strongly felt that where I am now is not really where I`m supposed to be.

I don’t think this is meant to be forever, and even feel an urgency to move away again. However, I`m certain that it`s a season where the tension is necessary. A tension I need to deal with in order to get prepared for the next season – which will be much bigger.


Life can be filled with plenty of tension between what we want and what we really need.


In Mark (2:1-12) we read a story that involves several groups of people.

Jesus was gathering at a house. There were so many people that there was not enough room for everyone. A certain man wanted to get healed, but he couldn`t get in as the house was full. His four best friends decided to find a way through the roof to get him to Jesus so he could be healed.

In the story there are 6 different individuals and groups: the owner of the house, the guests, the scribes (who were against Jesus), the paralysed man, his four friends, and Jesus. Such an unusual thing happened, that I imagine they all felt quite tense at times.

I imagine the house owner might have been tense because he didn’t know how much the roof repairs would cost. Maybe the guests are tense because they didn’t know what would happen next. The scribes could be tense because they wanted to prove that Jesus can`t heal. The paralysed man might be tense because he doesn`t know if the plan to get healed will work out. Maybe the four friends are tense because they feel ashamed of the damage they just did to the house. And the only one that doesn`t feel tense is Jesus. Because He is 100% assured that the man would get healed and his sins could be forgiven.1


I like to see this story from that perspective. It can show us great things can happen when there is a lot of tension. The story ends like this:

“And he (the man) got up and immediately picked up the mat and went out before them all, so that they all were astonished and they glorified and praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”(Mark 2: 10-11. AMP) (Note added)


I don`t know if you are experiencing tension at the moment. But I believe that all tension can lead to something bigger. Something so big that not only you are astonished but the people around you are as well!

I believe that when we feel like life is going “through the roof“, when we see the mess in and around us, when we feel the tension and as if things don`t make sense – God can turn it around and make something beautiful out of it!


Be patient. Don`t give up. Fight with what you have left and see how God works it into something better than you could ever imagine.


I hope this blog has given you insight and encouragement that this moment isn`t the end and that the best days are still ahead for you – with plenty or little tension.


Be blessed








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