Soon 2018 will be over. What has the year been like for you? For me it was a year that I can look back on with gratitude and contentment for all that happened within, through, around and for me. I feel like each year gets better and better although I often don`t realise …

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This sucks!

    I recently had some weeks that sucked. I was spiritually drained, emotionally weak and physically I felt like burned out.. I couldn`t really explain what it was and there seemed to be no solution for it. It got even worse when a friend of mine got really sick and another friend had big …

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Have Faith!

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve felt like you don’t have enough faith for something? I have!   There have been many times in my life when I felt like I did not have enough faith to overcome that particular mountain, the overwhelming amount of work, that painful heartache or the unbearable sickness! …

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  In January 2013 I enrolled at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. I’m from a small town of 4000 people in Switzerland, and had moved to a huge city where millions of people live. I was studying leadership for the first time, yet I already thought I knew a lot. One thing I …

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In August 2017, I received a letter of a refusal for a visa that I had applied for five months earlier. During that five-month process, I worked hard and did everything in my ability to get this visa so I could go back to Australia. I was shocked and disappointed when I received the letter. …

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Press Forward

Press Forward Every year, in March and October, I go through a time of around 1-3 weeks, in which I have very little strength, no motivation and  sometimes even symptoms of depression. I don`t know exactly why this is or where it comes from but I assume it`s a part of a biological cycle of …

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